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How It Works

In the midst of a digital age, where most transactions and interactions take place online, the automotive buying and selling industry has fallen short in providing Dealers with a suitable platform to safely conduct trades outside of their own network. TRADE X provides a transparent and highly effective marketplace solution that ensures each Dealer, whether buying or selling, receives exactly what they set out to achieve.


TRADE X provides Dealers with access to an exclusive community of verified automotive traders and their inventory.


Trade Compliance

The TRADE X platform undertakes a highly evolved vetting system far exceeding due diligence and reasonable care standards, ensuring a safe and reliable trading experience.

Reputation Systems

The TRADE X automotive buying and selling software offers trust and transparency through its built-in reputation, ranking and rating system.



TRADE X provides Dealers with multi-point vehicle inspections, full loading services, as well as vehicle storage solutions.



TRADE X offers top automotive relocation solutions via sea, land and air, as well as the handling of all the customs and importing/exporting documentation.


Enjoy peace of mind with the best cargo coverage available through our proven insurance partner network.


TRADE X offers a patented Instant Request feature that allows buyers to place global orders for the vehicles they need, right to the digital marketplace. This provides an opportunity to sellers in markets around the world to fulfil those orders quickly and easily. Plus, by harnessing the advanced technological power of the TRADE X ‘brain’, sellers are able to source from the cheapest markets globally as well as sell to the highest bidder worldwide, successfully increasing profit like never before, and all through the automated full-service system.

VIN Decoder

Simply enter the VIN for the vehicle you want to sell and the TRADE X software will automatically input all of the vehicle specifications and images for your listing.


Scroll & Click

The TRADE X platform has all the necessary selections already built in, so selecting a domestic or international transaction process, a specific currency as well as a payment method, like bank transfer or letter of credit, is as easy as scrolling and selecting.

Listing templates

Save time by choosing an existing template of a similar vehicle so that your listing gets posted in seconds.


Filter & Sort

Find exactly what you need through the TRADE X search function. Select the vehicle and budget you have in mind and you’re one step closer to buying the exact vehicle you were looking for.

Real Time Chat

Communicate with other authorized Dealers in real-time to negotiate price, arrange special shipping requests, and get updates on your transaction. Not only can you complete a deal right in a chat window, the function also retains the history of all your past deals so you have the information you need at your fingertips.


Order Center

The convenient Order Center provides an easy transactional process and allows you to track the status of your deal throughout its development. The Order Center also provides you with the opportunity to retrieve all your past transactions and the details and documentation that accompany them.

Did you know TRADE X offers Transactional Financing to buyers in its network? Sellers can rest assured knowing that with TRADE X as the trusted third party escrow partner, each transaction is backed by the most advanced user protection. With TRADE X handling all of the multi-lingual payment processing, selling in the digital marketplace makes global trade feel like local trade. Plus, the state-of-the-art TRADE X ‘brain’ transparently provides global data analytics to its users which allows for crystal clear visibility into global automotive pricing in order to ascertain whether a vehicle is worth more in your country or another. That’s TRADE X trust from start to finish.

Once a Dealer is verified and authorized, buying and selling automotive inventory is quick, safe, and pleasantly easy to accomplish through the TRADE X software. Plus, Dealers have the ease of being able to trade through the TRADE X marketplace on the move from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, simply by clicking a few buttons.

Interested in becoming a successful automotive trader through Trade X? Become an authorized Dealer today!