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Are you ready to experience a new way of buying and selling and see your business’s trading division excel? Great! We’re pleased to have you as part of our TRADE X network of Dealers and we look forward to your increased success.

Signing up is easy!

      1. Download the TRADE X app onto your tablet or smartphone. Alternatively, for Dealers who wish to trade on a desktop, simply complete the registration by clicking the registration button on this page.
      2. If you opted to use the app and it has been successfully installed, simply open the app and complete the intake form, ensuring all mandatory fields are completed. If you are using the desktop application, the same intake form needs to be completed with the required information.
      3. After the intake form has been submitted, a member of the TRADE X team will be in touch to verify your information. Once your documentation has been confirmed, you will be provided login credentials and will receive a walk-through of the TRADE X marketplace.
      4. That’s it! You are now officially an authorized Dealer with TRADE X and can begin uploading your inventory, scrolling through vehicle listings and transacting with Dealers around the world.

Thank you for joining the TRADE X community!

Desktop Trading Dealer